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Gravity Guy Unblocked

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Gravity Guy Unblocked is a sci-fi action game anyone who likes level up games would certainly enjoy. Just like any level up games, each level has a set of challenges and obstacles you have to go through before you proceed to the next level. You have to top each level before you can proceed. The Gravity Guy, compared to other characters with restricted movements, can actually run, jump, float and sprint. Gravity Guy is a robot that has given the power to defy gravity. He controls gravity to evade being captured in a city occupied by its great citizens. The mission is to avoid getting captured while trying to balance out the proper degree you have to go through in order to run and sprint smoothly. There are several barriers along the way that you have to avoid as well. This is a strategic game so you have to be quick at creating plans in order to avoid the police officers that have been pursuing your characters. There are also

several cheats you may use so you can be able to transfer in a clear path. The players will just have to keep running through the different degrees in the pathway until Gravity Guy reaches the goal and was able to evade police officers and blockages. The Guy must also try not to knock off the screen. As Gravity Guy, you actually have the power to control physics and make tricks. The storyline actually is all about a futuristic city wherein police officers or people in authority have the power to control the gravitation laws. They have strict rules and they are tyrannical over its citizens. What the main character does is to deliver justice as ordered by the physician. The early stages actually prepare you to more challenging stages until you get used to the game. During the first few stages, you can notice the police officers getting distracted and not really so into pursuing the Gravity Guy. You can practice making use of your abilities during these preliminary stages. Gravity Guy Unblocked is a great game anyone at any age should play.